регистрировать чипы животных

Our mission!

You find us and it's very good ! This means that those who will be looking for you on your lost card number ( God forbid !) Pet, the same will have with you !!!
Make your pet in our database ! Even if you promised to bring him to the veterinary clinic! Even if you dumete that they have made it there ! Even when using our search you checked and made sure that the information in another database already is!

To owners:

We made this system primarily to the fact that to every pet owner can simply and easily enter information about your pet to the database. And every indifferent person , finding a lost animal could easily report it to the owner. We decided to do this work for free, because a lot of useful and necessary things are done to people for free. And because we know that is not always set in Russia chips are made to the database to share. Why ? Russia as well ..... What is the system simply do not work , what is working well, but you have to pay ... But the most important thing - no one to take care of your pet better than you !!.

To breeders:

Please note that for the chipping of puppies does not necessarily apply to vetuchrezhdenie . The main thing that the installation date of the chip was earlier than the date of vaccination against rabies.  The cost of the chip today - is 300-400 rubles. We are in our nurseries set chips all kids - puppies and kittens . Hallmarks soon a thing of the past. Put the chips around the litter and the owners will see you as a professional

To vets:

Your accuracy - the key to peace of mind of many people. Do you provide a paid service implanted chip. Well bring it follow through immediately ! How many people resent the lack of the chip in the database - if you only knew . If you edit a contact - correct the information in the system. It is important that you could call or write a letter . Otherwise worthless implanted chip !